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The Circle App is a decentralized peer-to-peer smart contract built on a patented AI crypto trading technology to help people around the world leverage the crypto market without expertise.

About The Circle App

Built for everybody with unlimited opportunities and potential.

The circle app offers a unique earning opportunity by participating in a blockchain based peer-to-peer smart contract based program.

  • 100% Anonymous

    The network of circle app is completely transparent and 100% anonymous. No user is asked for their KYC information and all user data stored on the network uses a strong encryption algorithm.

  • Instant Transactions

    The circle app is built on the cloud-based blockchain network of Stellar processing more than 10M transactions each day. All the transactions in The Circle App program are peer-to-peer and instantaneous.

  • No Earning Limits

    The Circle App offers a unique earning opportunity with no earning limits. Members get complete control over their accounts and have no restrictions on sponsoring, withdrawals and profits.

  • No Sponsoring Requirements

    There are no sponsoring requirements to participate in the circle app program. Members can join and sponsor new members to increase their performance. However they can keep their accounts active without sponsoring.

Real-Time Network Performance

The Circle App is the fastest growing peer-to-peer blockchain network. Following is a short brief of our stats:


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Total Earnings IN EUROS

Why Choose The Circle App

Thousands of lives have been changed by The Circle App

We are a simple, secure and high earning potential blockchain platform being used by thousands of customers over the globe. It is as simple as clicking the button to change your life!

Easy to Use

Our engineers work round the clock to offer the most user-friendly and intuitive platform to our customers.

Extremely Cheap & Easy to Start

It costs less than a cup of coffee to participate in the platform and start making money.

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Fast and Secure

Advance cloud-based technology which makes us 100% secure and fast.

Dedicated Customer Support

Our 24/7 Customer Support agents are always here to help you with any question or request.

Working Process

How it works?

The Circle App is simple, easy-to-use and user-friendly. It only comes down to three simple steps.